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Free online video piano lessons can be termed as one of the most helpful tools for a beginner who needs to get a hang of things around the piano.
Although not the most complicated instruments around to play, the piano requires some amount of dedication and investment in the form of time.
To get a hang of the basics, however, free online video piano lessons can be a really good idea.
You would know exactly how to place your fingers, and you would get a fair idea about playing the instrument and learning it yourself, step by step.
Before you take your free online video piano lessons, here is one of the most basic lessons in theory, as to how you can make minor, major, diminished and augmented chords.
Once you are familiar with the concept of half steps and whole steps, and once you know your tones well, you can move to what are known as chords.
You would be able to play most of your favorite songs, once you are done with this lesson.
•The tones of an M3 or a major third interval are placed two whole steps apart.
On the other hand, the tones of an m3 or a minor third interval are placed only one and a half steps away.
So, C to E could be an example of the former and C to Eb could be an example of the latter.
•In Western music, there are 4 basic types of chords and building major thirds or major thirds can help build them.
When the major thirds is pressed along with the minor third above, you play a major chord.
Example, if C is your root, your M3 is C to E and your m3 is G.
Similarly, the minor chord is played when you press your m3 which is C to Eb, along with G which is the major third above.
•A diminished chord is played when a minor third is stacked with another one.
•An augmented chord is played when a pair of major thirds is used.
There are many combinations one can work around these four basic types of chords and not just to reproduce music, but make some of your own too.
Once you get your fingers used to playing these chords, you would be able to build about forty eight odd chords beginning with any tone.
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