Country Interior Decorating Ideas

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    • Look to nature for inspiration. In the Northeast, the deep colors of pine needles, oak trees, and autumn leaves give richness to your interior. Look for deep reds, rusty oranges, and golden yellows. Greens are deep and warm. Blues are the color of the ocean or sky. The West is well known for sunsets and shades of sienna from the rocks and canyons. Warm oranges and yellows give warmth to a living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Deep browns, soft creams, and coffee colors also add a sense of comfort. Avoid bright contrasting colors. Think harmonious colors.


    • Choose furniture that is large and overstuffed. You want your pieces to be inviting and comforting. Pine tables and hutches in natural tones are welcoming and all give a sense of handcrafted. Couches in plaids or deep colors are relaxing and express simplicity. Add a rocking chair in the living room and an overstuffed chair in the bedroom. Large bureaus and wrought iron beds remind guests of the past. Consider mismatched chairs in the kitchen with a large pine table that offers a bench for one side. Leather works well with country decor. Look for distressed brown leather or deep burgundy colors. Avoid streamlined furniture.


    • Country decor is all about the details. You want wooden bowls, pottery, tapestries, handmade quilts, wrought iron fixtures, some antiques and collectibles. Consider a theme of fishing, hunting, skiing or horses. For continuity, carry your theme throughout the house. In the bedroom, have a handmade quilt on the bed with a mixture of pillows. In the living room, place a basket on the floor filled with pine cones or hang artifacts on the wall, such as handmade tools or old lanterns. Candles are a nice accent for the bathroom along with a few antique glassware bowls or vases. Collectibles such as antique dolls, pottery or antique duck decoys add a special touch. Use textures, such as wool, cotton, linen and even silk.

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