2012 Planet Alignment - Prophecy of the Ancient Mayans

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2012 Planet Alignment predictions dating back to the ancient Mayans state a variety of unfolding events in the year 2012.
December 21, 2012, sometimes known as doomsday, have been prophesied about for thousands of years by many ancient peoples including the Mayans, Zulus, Hopi Indians, Incas, and many others.
Many of these ancient civilizations have predicted different things, including global enlightenment, catastrophe on earth, or even the end of the world.
The Mayans had an incredible understanding of our solar system, and developed 17 calendars that we know of today.
This probably aided them in planting crops.
They developed one noteworthy calendar that we call the Long Count Calendar.
This particular calendar ends on December 21, 2012.
Today, we understand that this date is around the time our planet alignment takes place with the Galactic Equator, called the solstice.
It is also on this date that the solstice occurs at the moment of the conjunction of the Galactic Equator with the Milky Way.
The last time that this happened was on August 11, 3114 B.
The theory held by the ancient Mayans as well as our modern day astrologists is called pole shifting.
This theory states that the position of the north and south pole change, which could spell worldwide disaster including giant tsunamis, hurricanes on every continent, and turmoil upon the earth.
Astrology in our current age is very important to our understanding of past and future events.
We all have to keep ourselves informed; Because if disaster hits, we've got to know what to do.
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