Long Distance Living Relationships

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For some reason, many relationships fail.
Maybe it is because one person thinks more about themselves and their needs more than another.
Maybe the relationship just gets stale.
Many relationships are long distance, due to internet dating or a relocation.
Long distance dating should not be dreaded, in fact, it opens the doors to add a little more creativity to the relationship.
What happens when relationships go stale? A good sign is predictability, you always know what your partner is going to do.
Sometimes when this happens, you think to your self "wouldn't it be nice if...
" To help assist with keeping a long distance relationship fresh, we need new ideas to keep things interesting, new ideas to make the other person want more.
This also applies to relationships that are local, or maybe one party has to travel to a meeting on the weekend.
Wouldn't it be nice to come up with an idea to do something so totally different your other half would be pleasantly surprised and say " wow I dint see that coming!" A few ways to keep things exciting would include participating in video chats.
Video has allow people to see their significant other and hear their voice at the same time.
Sending your partner an unexpected package with some personal belongings and a suggestive note may ignite the spark and keep their interest.
Send a video message that suggests things that could happen at your next reunion.
This also could be racy, or maybe just a simple message being relaxed and expressing how much the other person is missed.
With a little creativity and desire, you can successfully make a long distance relationship work.
It does take patience and a commitment along with understanding of what the other person wants.
If there is a defined goal and clear communication of what is allowed and what isn't allowed; you will be setting the stage for a happy and successful long distance romance.
If you had the means to have everything you needed to keep a relationship unique and interesting; wouldn't you want to try and see if it worked for you? Many people need to step out of the comfort zone and add a little more creativity to their relationship.
The best part of all relationships are watching them grow and develop, and to keep the growth moving by doing different things with each other.
Long distance relationships require a little more work to keep them healthy, as with other relationships, creativity is key.
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