Starcraft II Unit Counters Guide - Win More Games With This SC2 Strategy

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When it comes to trying to succeed in starcraft 2, it is essential that you have all the information readily available for you win you are trying to succeed.
The best players are able to recognize and scout specific build orders, get a head start on their opponent, and also "counter" build to their opponent.
We are going to give you some counters in this game that are important to the game, and you can definitely help yourself out with this list.
We are just going to go over some of the basic units When we say protoss counters, we mean units that the protoss are weak against.
, these are ultimately units that you want to use if you are facing this specific unit.
Protoss Zealot - It is good that if you are playing terran that you go against this unit using marauders, hellions, or siege tanks; Zerg players - roach, mutalisk, or brood lord: Protoss - Colossus, Sentry Void Ray.
Terran Marine - use sentry, colossus if you're using Protoss, Siege tanks and hellions for terrans, and; Roach, Ultralisks, and Brood Lords if you are using Zergs.
Zergling - For Protoss you want to use zealot and colossus; For Terran - use a Hellion, and for Zergs, you want to use the roach or ultralisk.
Of course these are just the basic units, there are literally hundreds and even potentially thousands of different matchups and mixes that are pretty tough to go over in a short segment, but there are guides out there that will do just that for you.
The thing that you want to do in order to make sure that you can counter your opponent is constantly scouting.
The timing of your scout is important to.
You want to send one of your workers quite early in the game if you are playing a 1v1 game, because you may be getting rushed quite early if you are not ready.
However in a 4 player map or something of that nature, you want to wait a little bit longer because it's going to take ground troops a little longer to get to you.
Countering your opponent can definitely help you succeed in Starcraft 2 today!
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