How to Repair an Aiwa Receiver

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    • 1). Disconnect the speaker wire from the terminals and make sure they are cleanly connected. Lose wires will interfere with the speaker and audio performance. Unplug the receiver, then plug the speaker wire back into the terminal. Use banana clips to provide a better contact point at the speaker terminal.

    • 2). Swap the speaker connections from one side to the other to ensure the terminal is not damaged if only one speaker is working. Adjust the balance on the receiver by rotating the knob on the face of the component. Replace the speaker wires if they are damaged or frayed to avoid audio signal interruption.

    • 3). Reset the receiver if the system has erroneous settings or is malfunctioning. Press the "Power" button and leave the receiver plugged in. Press "Power" while simultaneously pressing the "Enter" button. Once the receiver is powered on, verify that all settings have been reverted back to the manufacturer's settings to ensure the reset is successful.

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