Best 2 Ways To Make Fast Money Online

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Are you looking for the best way to make money online? In this sort article I am going to give you the top 2 ways to make fast money online.
Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is a very popular and fast growing industry and its a great way to earn extra cash online or even build a full time income working from home.
Affiliate marketing is when you promote other peoples products or services and earn a commission on every sale that you make for example lets say Bob has a ''make extra income online working from home'' eBook which is selling at 20 dollars and he is offering a commission rate of 50% which means you would earn 10 dollars for every eBook that you sell.
So if you were to sell 10 ebooks a day that would give you an income of 100 dollars per day.
This is just an example of affiliate marketing and you can also earn commissions on sales of solid goods like TVs, DVDs, Play Stations, mobile phones etc.
Network Marketing There are a lot of network marketing companies out there that can give you the opportunity to earn a full time income working just part time from your home.
Most of them offer the chance to earn recurring incomes which means you make the sale once and get paid every month for the same sale.
For example lets say Bob is now promoting his network marketing business which supplies Website's for a $10 a month fee.
He is offering 50% commission to everyone who joins his team and invites others to join and purchase a Website.
Lets say you get 10 people to join Bob's Website supplier business that means you will earn 50% of all of the new customers $10 a month fee.
That means you will earn $5 a month for each person which in total you will mean you are earning a recurring monthly income of (10x5) $50.
These are my top best 2 ways to make money online in 2010 and I highly recommend that you search about and find that right network or affiliate marketing opportunity.
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