How to Adjust a Craftsman Floor Jack

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    • 1). Place the jack on a flat, level surface. Lower the jack to the full down position (so the jack saddle is resting in its cradle). Remove the oil-filler plug located directly under the cover plate. It may be removed using an Allen wrench (SAE).

    • 2). The oil level should be visible in the oil-filler plug hole. It should only be filled to 3/16 inch above the inner cylinder as viewed from the oil-filler plug hole.

    • 3). Add oil as necessary to bring the oil level to within 3/16 inch above the inner cylinder. Only use a high-quality hydraulic jack oil. Replace and tighten the oil-filler plug.

    • 4). Add lubricating machine oil to all moving parts (wheel axles, casters, saddle pivots, handle sleeve pivots, etc.) in a very light concentration. Wipe down all hydraulic cylinders that are visible with a clean rag lightly moistened with machine oil.

    • 5). Replace the entire volume of hydraulic jack oil annually. Remove the oil-filler plug and turn the jack over to drain the oil. Refill the oil to the appropriate level using new hydraulic jack oil. Tighten the oil-filler plug.

    • 6). Raise and lower the jack to its full up and full down positions several times with no load on the jack to eliminate any trapped air bubbles. Test the proper functioning of the release valve several times before applying a load to the jack.

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