NEW MOON: Love and Relationships

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The new moon is the time of deep reflections and introspection, the time when you are given a unique opportunity to take a position of the detached onlooker and to watch attentively the development of your relationships.
It is very easy not to leave a track which you've chosen once, or to be reconciled with what actually doesn't suit you.
It is an easy way because you got used to it.
New moon is the right time for understanding of any wrong emotional schemes of behavior that you follow.
If you are in the stable deep relations and you don't want to change it how you can improve something? You should spend more time with the partner; speak with each other more openly.
Or your relations need more spontaneity and romanticism? Remember, any aspect of the relations that does not satisfy you has to be eliminated.
You can try to make changes or to reconcile to something - for example, to come to a conclusion that though your relations are not so amazing, they provide you necessary support and comfort.
Awareness of your own readiness to accept the relations as "rather good" can create feeling of satisfaction in a counterbalance to constant feeling of vague discontent.
If you have no partner, but you would like to get one, it is the time to think on how to meet new people.
If your circle of contacts is too narrow, think on how to expand it.
The relations with friends aren't less important, than love or partnership therefore don't ignore them.
However it is better not to realize new ideas until the Moon passes to a growth phase.
WHAT TO DO IN THE NEW MOON Spend some time alone to think over the relations that are taking place in your life.
What is good in them? And what is bad? In what way would you want to change it? Write down your thoughts.
Openly and peacefully discuss your relationship with the partner: in what way you can improve it and what each of you wants from another.
Adjust yourself positively and be expressed clearly, concentrate on how you feel instead of accusing your partner.
Don't give in to the temptation to remember all the previous mistakes, but if something gnaws you from inside, maybe better to say it directly.
Spend some time with your partner, doing everything you like to do together most of all, without distracting on some problems.
Make some plans for the future.
If the relations have come to an end and you learn to live anew, it is a right moment to burn the old letters.
Try to think on how and where you could meet a new partner.
Decide what lines you would like to see in the partner, and tell yourself that it is possible, but do not forget to be realistic.
If you want to get some new friends, think on how you could meet them.
Be reasonable and sincere to yourself, there is no sense to hope to meet a soul mate in the next tavern if you don't drink at all and adore the opera! Ask a close to you person, to state the sincere point of view on a private matter interesting you, listen to the answer attentively, accept the truth and due to this think on what you can change, while the growing Moon.
Something that didn't suit you earlier can look now even worse.
Try to keep balance and to consider a situation as a whole.
Try not to become the victim of suspicions: if you have any doubts, it is better to ask your partner directly.
Don't look back to some mistakes in the past.
Make your own conclusions and keep on going.
Don't assume any obligations till the Moon finally passes to a growth phase.
In particular, it is not the best time to become engaged or to begin living together.
Don't rush into the new relations.
If everything goes right, keep the ball rolling, but don't hasten it yet.
Don't expect that in a new moon your sexual inclination will be in the groove; probably at the moment some deeper things will seem to you more important, for example the general direction and the purposes in life.
It not the best time for noisy parties as everyone can feel a bit under the pressure.
Private meetings of close friends correspond to the character of this phase better.
Don't take to heart the words that people around say - there's a possibility that you will apprehend only negative statements.
Don't put all the efforts to gain the mysterious stranger.
You can achieve success, but in this phase of the Moon good luck is less probable.
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