How to Hook Up a Stage Snake

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    • 1). Place the box end of the snake on stage. This end has the female XLR plugs into which microphones and instruments connect.

    • 2). Place the mixing board where you want it to be. Ideally this will be near the back or center of a venue for the best control over the audio.

    • 3). Run the male ends of the snake back to the mixer board.

    • 4). Plug each corresponding male XLR end of the snake into the mixer board. Each end of the snake is marked with a numerical value. Likewise, the mixer board inputs are marked with a numerical value. Match them up 1 to 1, 2 to 2 and so forth.

    • 5). Find the outputs on the snake stage box labeled "Outputs" or "Mains". Connect a cable from these outputs to your main PA speakers. These use XLR cables or 1/4 inch audio cables depending on your particular snake.

    • 6). Connect your instruments and microphones to the snake stage box. Each snake stage box input is numbered. These inputs now match the mixing board connections. A microphone or instrument plugged into jack number 1 on the stage is now controlled by mixing board slider number 1.

    • 7). Mix each individual channel. Verify that everything is properly working and connected.

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