Jusuru Opportunity Review

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The Jusuru opportunity is one of the latest network marketing launched to market a juice drink in the Health and Wellness Industry.
This arena has no shortage of companies marketing juice products and the crowd is growing continually.
What makes the Jusuru opportunity stand out from the crowd is its patented BioCell Collagen II product, which the company claims will promote healthy aging, active joints and younger looking skin.
As always the consumers will judge these claims, and if positive there is potential this company will out last the 95% of network marketing companies that fail within 2 years of launching.
There 9 ways to be Compensated with the Jusuru Opportunity.
DIRECT SALES For the sale of each bottle of Life Blend there is a commission up to 30% of the retail price.
PREFERRED CUSTOMER BONUS When enrolled in the Preferred Customer Program, customers receive a 15% discount off of the retail price, distributors earn 15% of the retail price and up to 1% of the entire company's total product sales volume.
FAST START BONUS Earn up to 20% on all sales volume generated from personally-sponsored distributors, and three levels below, for the first 60 days of their enrolment.
TEAM COMMISSIONS Earn up to 5% commission on the sales volume generated by each down line distributor.
ENROLLER BONUS Earn 5% on sales volume when any distributor personally sponsored places an order.
TURBO INFINITY BONUS Earn up to 1% on all qualifying sales volume of entire distributors organization.
LEADER CHECK MATCH As a Leader, distributor may earn a Leader Check Match up to 25% on the personal income earned by the distributors in your organization, with no depth limitations.
LEADERSHIP POOLS Receive additional income and rewards through Leadership Pools.
CAR BONUS As a top leader, earn a luxury car in which to can share the experience with others.
There is no doubt that the Jusuru opportunity presents the potential to generate significant income for its distributors.
The industry known as, Network Marketing and Multilevel Marketing uses the word "marketing" for the obvious reason that, the distributors will be responsible for that very function.
If one is to succeed in this industry they must have an effective online marketing system, because simply relying on the traditional methods of approaching friends and family to look at and join the opportunity will lead to frustration and disappointment.
The fact that 97% of people fail in network marketing can not be over looked when considering a home based part time business.
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