How to Make Concrete Edging for My Flowerbeds

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    • 1). Spray a line marking the edges of your concrete boundary. A 6-inch-wide concrete edge will generally discourage most weeds and grasses. You can be creative and fluctuate the width of the concrete boundary or select a more uniform width throughout.

    • 2). Remove the sod and dig a 6-to-10 inch deep gully where you want your concrete edging to be. Cut straight down into the earth with this shovel making the edges as smooth as possible. The smoothness of the gully edges will determine how even your concrete edging will look.

    • 3). Shovel 2-inches of gravel into the trench.

    • 4). Pour the premixed concrete into the concrete mixing barrel and add water according to the directions on the bag. Aim for a thick but pourable concrete mixture.

    • 5). Pour the concrete into the trench you dug. Keep mixing batches and pouring until you had filled the trench. Use a short, 2-by-4-inch board -- a foot wider than the trench -- to level the concrete by sawing back and forth across the top of the freshly poured material with the narrow edge of the board. Allow the concrete to set overnight before stepping on it or mowing over it.

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