How To Become A MLM Leader

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A lot of folks in the mlm industry know that giving value to others will position them as a mlm leader online. Adding value to others is indeed an important part of your marketing plan. In fact, if that's all you did all day you would still have good results and gain tons of credibility in the marketplace. Adding value to others without expecting anything in return is the s fundamental principle in the concept of "Attraction Marketing."
I have taught this to many students of internet and network marketing and found a repeating question being asked by them. The million dollar question is "how do I become a mlm leader if I'm just getting started?" A lot of mlm veterans offline ask this regarding online mlm marketing. All these guys are wanting to learn how to position themselves as leaders on the Internet.

There is a simple acronym that explains just how to position yourself as mlm leader on the Internet. It's called L.I.S.T.





Learn - initially we must gain more knowledge. Since we are working on the Internet that's an easy place to start getting new information. With a huge internet universe out there you can gain tons of know-how in no time. Any personal experiences you have from the past will help too. I have a backgound of leadership and team building training from my careeer as a Fire Captain. Maybe you're 19yrs old and you say that you haven't been around long enough to get much experience. Did you work on cars? In student council in high school? Anything you've done has shaped you as a person of vaule. Seek out any training within your specialty. You may have to pay for these, but the value gained will come back to you a thousand fold if you take that information and leverage it. Lastly, network with others who are in mlm. Network with people on Twitter. Sign up for others' lists to get valuable training usually at no cost. Learning is the initial step in your journey to becoming a mlm leader.

Implement - After learning some new information it's time to actually apply it to your business. Many go and take courses and attend seminars, but doing what they've been taught is another story. This was especially true in my years at the fire department. Many firefighters were "book smart," but they never went out and drilled on what they learned in school. They were the best critics around. The problem was they never got in the game themselves. They would have the nerve to put themselves on pedestals to the newbie firefighters. It's no different in MLM. MLM leaders learn new stuff and they actually apply it in their own businesses.

Share - Now that you have some field experience under your belt don't just keep it to yourself. Yes, it does make you a better person that will attract people, but that's where most people stop. With this little thing called the web we are able to give our value to millions online. Start putting out content. Share your value in the form of videos, blog entries, written articles, or all of the above. Spread the word about what new value you've gained with the world through the internet. Hundreds of thousands search the internet daily looking for the information you possess.

Train - With enough value added to the internet universe people will start following you and joining your cause. A few might see you as a mlm leader! You will begin to have people opting-into your newsletter or joining your team. Your next task is to continually train, equip and motivate them for success. Start doing weekly webinars or conference calls for your group. Mentor them to become great mlm leaders. That's what this business is all about. Make many photo copies of yourself to work so you can retire.

Once you ust the LIST system just do it over and over.. One of the biggest challenges people have in mlm is learning how to generate warm market leads. Have you ever signed up a new person who bolts out of the starting gate at warp speedand then stops after about a month or two in business? We all have. They have run out of people to prospect. If you want to become a mlm leader one of the first things you must do is develop a strategy to generate leads consistently online.
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