What Is a MySpace Proxy?

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Question: What Is a MySpace Proxy?


Some schools and other organizations block Internet access to MySpace and similar social networking sites. A MySpace proxy is any public Internet proxy server promoted by its owners as providing access to MySpace, bypassing an organization's network filters. From a technical point of view, MySpace proxy servers are no different from other forms of Internet proxy servers.

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Where to Find MySpace Proxies

Proxy servers marketed for the MySpace community are numerous and advertised widely on the Internet. These servers tend to incur frequent outages and enjoy only a short lifetime on the Web, as many owners have difficulty maintaining and do not anticipate the high cost of operating them. Be prepared to manage your own personal list of favorite MySpace proxies and update it often as new servers will appear on and disappear from the Web daily.

Popular MySpace Proxy Servers

Some well-known proxies for MySpace that are more likely to be stable include:
  • myspaceproxy.com
  • avoidr.com
  • iwantsurf.com
In addition, sites like 1800proxy.net track new MySpace proxy servers as they become available, which can be helpful in maintaining your proxy lists.

MySpace Proxy Privacy Risks

Some Web sites may appear to be free MySpace proxy servers but are in fact designed to steal your personal information instead. To lower the risk of having your identity stolen or revealing too much personal data:
  • research carefully any new proxy site before using it

  • use the proxy for only the minimum number of pages you need to check your email, your profile, or other MySpace functions

Ethics of MySpace Proxies

Organizations block access to MySpace from their networks due to the high traffic demands MySpace can place on their hardware. Businesses may also view MySpace as an inappropriate, non work-related site to visit. Before using a proxy to visit MySpace, check with your network's acceptable use policy to ensure it does not violate laws or corporate guidelines.
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