"Homeland" - Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison

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'Homeland' - Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison

Claire Danes stars as Carrie Mathison on Showtime's psychological thriller Homeland.
About Carrie: A CIA agent specializing in interrogation techniques. She suffers from a mood disorder that Claire Danes has confirmed is Bipolar I disorder. After one of her informants revealed to her that an American soldier has been turned, Carrie believes it to be Brody, but as she seems to be alone in her thinking, she takes it upon herself to begin private surveillance on the soldier, but goes a step too far when she has an affair with him.

I think Carrie has fallen for Brody, something that will most likely compromise her position in the future.

About Claire: This Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress got her start in the cult-classic teen drama My So-Called Life back in the '90s before moving on to major roles in movies such as Romeo + Juliet, The Mod Squad, Brokedown Palace and Temple Grandin. Her role in Homeland is her first television role since My So-Called Life. Claire studied psychology at Yale University for two years, but didn't finish her schooling. She is married to fellow actor Hugh Dancy.

'Homeland' - Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody

Damian Lewis stars as Nicholas Brody on Showtime's psychological thriller Homeland.
About Brody: The American marine who was held prisoner by members of Al-Qaeda for 8 years in Iraq. After Carrie's suspicions went unconfirmed for the first seven episodes, at the end of episode eight everything changed when we learned that he is indeed working with Al-Qaeda leader Abu Nazir. Brody killed his friend and fellow marine Tom Walker in order to save his own life, but learned that he had not killed him after all and that his friend was the American who had been turned.

Brody had a brief fling with CIA agent Carrie Mathison after confronting his best friend Mike about his affair with Jessica. Brody is continually haunted by nightmares from his time as a POW and has become a Muslim.

About Damian: This British-born actor spent his childhood living on Abbey Road in London and attended the prestigious Eton College. One of his most famous roles was as Maj. Richard D. Winters in Band of Brothers, for which he earned a Golden Globe nomination. He is known for his signature red hair and amazing American dialect. He attended Guildhall School of Music and Drama with former FlashForward star Joseph Fiennes and James Bond star Daniel Craig. Damian's wife, Helen McCrory, was his co-star in the television drama Life (she also starred as Draco Malfoy's mother in the Harry Potter movies).

'Homeland' - Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson

Mandy Patinkin stars as Saul Berenson on Showtime's psychological thriller Homeland.
About Saul: Saul is the CIA's Middle-East Division Chief and Carrie's mentor and friend. His ability to be calm and really know his target is extremely helpful in getting them to talk. His relationship with Carrie is almost on a father-daughter level. He has had to keep quiet about many of Carrie's mistakes as she constantly toes the line when it comes to the law.

Saul is married to Mira, who left him to go back to her country because he always put his career ahead of their marriage.

About Mandy: Mandy is just about as famous for his musical talent as he is for his acting career. He won the Tony Award for his role in Evita and has had numerous important starring television roles on shows such as Chicago Hope, Dead Like Me and most recently, Criminal Minds. He has played the role of Dr. Jeffrey Geiger on Chicago Hope, Picket Fences and Homicide: Life on the Street.

'Homeland' - Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody

Morena Baccarin stars as Jessica Brody on Showtime's psychological thriller Homeland.
About Jessica: Brody's wife. Before her husband was found, Jessica, believing he was dead, moved on with her life and fell in love with Brody's best friend Mike. since her husband has come home, Jessica is doing her best to play the dutiful wife and make her marriage work, but it's painfully obvious she is still in love with Mike.

About Morena: Morena got her big break when she was cast in Joss Whedon's short-lived sci-fi series Firefly. After guest starring in several dramas, Morena landed the starring role as alien leader Anna in ABC's remake of the '80s drama V. She and cast mate Claire Danes attended the New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies together.

David Harewood stars as David Estes on Showtime's psychological thriller Homeland.
About David: David is the Director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Unit and Carrie's boss. He and Carrie had an affair at one point, which ultimately ended his marriage. He has a no-nonsense attitude and always tries to do the right thing as long as it's within the letter of the law.

Diego Klattenhoff stars as Mike Faber on Showtime's psychological thriller Homeland.
About Mike: Brody's best friend and marine captain. Mike was having an affair with Jessica until Brody was found alive in Iraq. He is clearly still in love with Jessica and secretly hopes they will find a way to make their relationship workout somehow.

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