Having Broken Heart? You CAN Get Over Your Lost Love

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Have you been thinking of your ex and how you could have saved the relationship if you would have done this and that? What if you could just turn back the clock. Find out how you can heal your broken heart and get over your lost love today!

I have been in that state when I was about 19 years of age; in that rather young and naive age. I broke up with my first love; or you can say, he dumped me. Looking back, it was the lowest, most lousiest time of my life. I looked terrible, and felt like a total failure. I was confused, angry, suspicious and had the lowest self esteem that anyone could ever have.

I had to get out of it.

Then, one day, I started my 'heartbreak' diary and never looked back.

Let someone know how you feel, deep inside. Share with someone that you trust and is of a listening ear. And, this was what I did. I wrote in my trusted diary.

I poured out all my grief, sadness, suspicion, anger into words. I shared all my fears and aspiration of what I even wanted and slowly and surely, I was on my way back out from my miry clay.

I wrote many a prayer to God in that diary. Crying out like a baby. The diary and God just listen without impatience and brought me comfort. At times, encouraging answers came during those times.

Well, you could even write poems, even write and compose songs or even write a book. Express yourself. Forget about wrong grammar. Just write down your feelings, just like when you are talking to someone; even if it is as hard and if it is something that you want to avoid. Write about what matters to you and what is going on inside.

Getting over a lost love is a hard experience. Even in this modern, fast pace of life. What is important is that we get over a break-up by simply facing the pain. While it might feel better to avoid dealing with the reality of the situation, we cannot really move past it without facing it and feeling the pain, at least for a while.

Facing up to whatever painful situation is necessary. A 'heartbreak' diary can help you deal with those painful feelings when you have split with someone you love and face with disappointments.

You know what, I eventually got over my lost love. And, I realized he was not wanting me as much as I wanted him.

And, I owe it to my diary and to God for helping me out of the worst time of my life.
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