How to Write a Grant to Re-Establish Credit

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    • 1). Carefully study the prospectus. The funder lists the parameters of the grant, which you must fulfill. Look at the funder's mission statement and note key words, phrases and ideas; use these when writing your grant. Contact the funder with any questions that arise. A program officer at the funder may shed further light on requirements that could be helpful.

    • 2). Write the proposal. Mention the benefits that you will accrue by re-establishing your credit. Describe how it will impact your life and how others, if any, will benefit. Keep the wording basic; do not use fancy words. The proposal should be clear and direct. Align your needs and aspiration for the grant with the goals of the funder. Refer to your notes; it is acceptable to repeat the funder's phrasing, as long as the words fit your situation.

    • 3). Assemble supplementary material. Copy required financial information and put together a budget listing desired outcomes and time frames, if requested. This helps your proposal to look feasible. Funders wish to ensure that the funds will be successfully spent. Submit all requested material and do so precisely as directed. If there is a deadline, do not be late; submit it early, if possible. Consider using a delivery confirmation.

    • 4). Follow up in a timely manner. Unless otherwise directed, you should ensure reception of the proposal. If something is missing, submit right away. It is best not to contact the funder frequently, as it will be busy.

    • 5). Write a thank-you note to the funder, should you receive a grant. If you are declined, try to contact a program officer at the funder to learn why. Use this information for future proposals. Find out the terms for re-applying.

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