Lasagna: Freezing in an Aluminum Pan

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Prepare the lasagna. Layer all the ingredients into an aluminum pan as called for in the recipe. If the lasagna is to be frozen prior to baking, do not add the top layer of cheese yet. Some elements of the lasagna will need to be cooked prior to storage, such as noodles, vegetables and meats. Each of these items needs to be cooled thoroughly prior to freezing, otherwise moisture can develop and cause freezer burn.

Wrap the lasagna in aluminum foil. Once the lasagna has cooled, take a sheet of foil and cover the pan completely, making sure to crimp the foil over the sides tightly. In some cases, adding a second layer of foil over the first will keep out any air that can damage the food.

Place the pan in the freezer. Lasagna can be safely frozen for up to three months. Label the top layer of foil with heating instructions in case someone else is going to bake the lasagna at a later date.

Freeze leftovers after the lasagna has been baked. The process for preparation is similar in that the leftovers should be cooled thoroughly prior to freezing. The benefits of the aluminum pan remain that it is a freezer-safe dish for storage and can be thrown away after use without any messy cleanup.
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