Understanding More About Jeans

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Why Jeans Continue To Be So Popular

Before we understand why jeans continue to be so popular even in the 21st century it would be worthwhile to understand a bit about the history of this wonderful dressing material in the first place. Though this dress has been around for the past 300 years or so, the 21st century could be described as the year of redemption of the denim jean pants and other such dress materials. In fact it would not be out of place to mention here that many cat walk shows have started reintroducing these denim variants which in turn has driven the demand for the same all over. Gucci is one such brand name that has given a new lease of life to this product with the help of such fashion shows. It might be surprising but it is a fact that today such pants are being sold in the market for around $3000 a pair once they have hit the various fashion parades. The main reason which is driving the increase of popularity of this age old dressing apparel is the fact that it is easy to wear, easy to maintain and there are quite a few styles and designs which are available to customers at affordable rates. Hence it would not be wrong to point out here that even after such a long time this dress still continues to dominate the world fashion and dressing scene.

History of Jeans

The following few points will throw some light about the ways and means jeans started becoming popular over the past many centuries. The first of this dressing apparels started making its presence felt in the early part of the 18th century. It was basically worn by factory workers who were looking at some dress that was sturdy, comfortable, long lasting, not very expensive and at the same time stylish and trendy. However the first real denim jean materials started making its presence felt during the early 1930s. This triggered a revolution of sorts and many branded jeans started coming into the market.

It would be pertinent to list below the chronological sequence of events as far as these unique dressing apparels are concerned:

€ 1950s saw jeans being used mainly by youths as a fashion and status symbol.
€ 1960s saw this dress coming out in different styles, designs and colors. It was the first time people saw embroidery and other designs becoming a part of this pant.
€ 1980s saw a proliferation of different types of branded jeans and Police 883 is a brand that still is fresh in many peoples' minds.
€ 1990s saw a rebirth of jeans and was very useful for those choosing the right jean in terms of modern looks, contemporary styling and designing.

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