How kettles evolved

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Kettles can be found in virtually every household in the UK and other countries. One of the first know kettles to be used dates back to Mesopotamia in 3500 to 2000 BC, it was a bronze vessel almost identical to a modern kettle in shape and had a decorative spout. The water inside the kettle could be boiled by placing the kettle on a fire or over.

Kettles slowly developed over the years in all parts of the world to be used for boiling water or making tea. In the 19th century many kettles would have been made of iron or copper as these were great materials to conduct heat when placed over a fire or stove.  Kettles came in many different forms and sizes during this period however the kettle took it next great evolution with the onset of electricity in homes.

The first electric kettle appeared at an exhibition in Chicago in 1893 by the Carpenter Electric Co, and another electric kettle appeared in 1894 by the British form Crompton and Co. The first electric kettles were very inefficient and not that safe, however it was an important evolution to the modern day kettle, with electricity very expensive at the time kettles did not take off until electricity become common in many modern households. These early electric kettles still had the traditional look and feel and they were usually made of copper or brass with wooden handles. In 1922 a company in the UK patented a kettle with an immersible element inside the kettle that heated the water directly hence making them much more efficient and paved the way for modern kettles we see and use today. The first automatic kettle appeared in 1955 made by Russel Hobbs, this design allowed the kettle to turn itself off when the required boiling point of the water had been achieved.

The next major development of kettles came in the form of the first cordless kettle in the 1980's which allowed the kettle to be lifted free of it's base so the boiling water could be poured. Hence making the kettle the popular kitchen appliance we use today.
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