The Best Way to Get Traffic Into Your Membership Site

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Everyone who's making a membership site is worried about content.
They're worried about the theme.
They're worried about "how am I going to schedule out the lessons?" But then they don't think about the one thing that's going to make the most difference - that's traffic, that's people looking at their offer.
And that's the thing.
If you want to make twice as much money from your membership site, you could either change around the offer, change the sales letter, which takes a while or just double the traffic.
Just do whatever you're currently doing to get traffic and do that twice as much.
But if you're not doing anything actively to get new people to get more traffic, you might be clueless about what to do next.
I'm going to tell you three ways to get more traffic right now to your membership site - that's joint ventures, articles, and forum marketing.
Not everyone knows what a joint venture is.
A joint venture is when you approach someone else and work out some kind of a deal.
I have done joint ventures that included guest blog posting.
I already guest blog posted, they put on their site.
I have done joint ventures that include guest webinars, where I hosted a webinar for their subscribers.
Maybe I email for them, they email for me.
Maybe I tell them, "Here's how you can promote my stuff as an affiliate and get a commission.
" They do something and I give them something back in return.
We both venture and we both jointly make some kind of money from that.
That is a tough way to get somebody to say yes.
It's stuff because you have to go and contact multiple people, but once you get one yes, they can easily bring for a lot of traffic and a lot of sales.
It's just you have to get through a lot of no's before you get to some yes's.
One way that's more guaranteed work but it takes more work and is slower is article marketing.
This is where you usually write simple 250 to 500-word solutions to different problems that people have in your niche.
If someone has a question, instead of writing a simple answer, write it out on about half a page and that becomes an article.
Now, what can you do with an article? You can post an article to your blog, that's what I would do first, and you can also submit to article directories, which is what I would do a little further down the line, but a lot of people simply blindly post to article directories and then wonder why they don't have any clicks - because you have to save some of your content for yourself and put it on the blog.
And finally, once you're in the habit of delivering these solutions, post them on forums.
If someone is on a forum asking a question, simply answer it and have what's called a signature line in that forum.
This means that underneath every single post you make on that forum, there is a link back to one of your websites.
You're not going to draw any attention to the signature line, you're simply going to answer people's questions and then that's it.
You get your message in front of enough people and eventually people will start clicking on that signature line.
Now, once I get people from a forum to a site, then I send them either to a squeeze page, which is a forced opt-in page where they have to enter their name and email address to continue or just buy something and after they've bought, then they get on the list.
But that's the big thing about getting traffic - is it's not enough to just get traffic, but once you get them somewhere, get them on the list either before or after they purchase.
That's how you get traffic to your membership site.
Strike up a joint venture with somebody, write some articles, and post on forums and then get them on the list.
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