Video: How to Draw Stars as if They're Glowing

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Chris and today I'm going to show you how to draw stars as if they were glowing. There's a couple different ways you can do this, the first one is just to kind of draw on your basic angular star by going just like that and connecting all the angles. Now if you want to make it glowing in a cartoon kind of way, you can kind of just do some lines just like you would be doing a sun, 'cause in fact, our son is a star, so you can kind of follow it along and make some shorter lines and bigger ones and that kind of gives it effect, like it's shining. Also, there's another way that you can do it is just by doing a line like that and then kind of making a cross and then two lines at the top like that and then doing the same kind of thing around the outside. And if you want, if you have a black marker and you're working with a black page, what you can do is you can fill in the entire frame of the page, let's just say that this is your page here. Mark where you want your stars to be, so maybe there's a couple bigger, a couple smaller, and you can color that in. And this would of course be black, if you had a black marker. And just fill in all the empty space with your black marker. If you have a broad one, that makes it a lot easier to fill in all the gaps and everything. And then, of course, take your gold paints or your gold marker or your yellow marker and just kind of fill those in and then as they kind of get out, just make it a lot thinner and you could do it like that, like that's a bigger one and here's a smaller one. And one like this, and one like this, and this is more of like an illustrative style of doing it and one like that. Just imagine that this is the night sky, the black night sky and these are the glowing stars there. So, you guys, that's how you draw stars as if they are glowing, so good luck to you and stay creative!
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