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Sami and Maggie

Sami returns to Grace’s grave and is startled by Maggie, who embraces her. She surmises that it must be very difficult for Sami, not having her mom around. Sami admits that she misses Marlena a lot, especially during these times. She confides in Maggie and explains that a friend of hers may lose her baby, which is breaking her heart because she knows what it’s like to lose a child. She insists that she has to find a way to help her friend so she doesn’t have to go through the unbearable loss.

Maggie smiles how Sami’s made up her mind, referring to her as a determined young woman. She advises Sami to take care of herself too.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Nicole notes how E.J. is trying to distance himself from Sydney. E.J. waves his hands in the air, reminding Nicole that Sydney is not theirs and predicting that her biological parents will get her back. Nicole doesn’t believe the parents want her back. “He was just here!” roars E.J. Nicole whines how Chad is a kid who doesn’t know what he wants. She tries to convince E.J. to stick together as husband and wife and fight for Sydney as a team and keep their marriage alive. “Why in God’s name would you think that I would want to do that?” he questions. “Because you still love me! I know you do!” she cries. She begs him not to throw that away, but he just tells her to get out of his life and house. A devastated Nicole walks over to Sydney’s playpen and picks her up, then reluctantly walks out in tears and runs into Sami, who asks her what happened.

Nicole sobs and says she doesn’t want to talk about it, and there’s nothing Sami or anyone can do.

Sami storms inside and calls E.J. a bastard, giving him the evil eye. She demands to know how he could do this to Nicole, recalling how she saw Nicole crying. She knows he’s angry at Nicole for what she’s done, but chews him out for taking it out on an innocent baby. E.J. reveals that he just met Sydney’s “real” father, who couldn’t get over how perfect Sydney was. Sami realizes that’s why he and Nicole were fighting and is shocked to hear that Sydney’s father came over and wants his daughter back. She wonders how the father knew where to find E.J., thinking it was a closed adoption. E.J. reveals that the adoption was neither closed nor legal and the father’s name is Chad Peterson Woods. An overwhelmed Sami realizes this is Mia’s ex-boyfriend and concludes that Mia is her mother.

E.J. notes Sami’s shock and remarks how she’s not so quick to defend Nicole. “Are you sure about this?” responds Sami. E.J. reveals that Nicole admitted to having a miscarriage and faked her pregnancy, then she found Mia and got the young girl to agree to the “monstrous plan.” He states that Sami can’t really judge Nicole when she did the same thing. Sami begins to admit that she’d do exactly the same thing if she had to do it all over again, but E.J. pounds on the table and tells her to stop. Sami notes how his house is surrounded by violence and hatred. She knows she can’t protect Johnny from him, but she vows to do everything she can to protect her other children, and tells him not to ever think otherwise.

E.J. gets in Sami’s face and makes it known that he doesn’t feel the least bit threatened by her. Sami says she’s just stating a fact. E.J. tells her not to think she’s special, since most parents would do anything for their kids. Sami urges him to help Nicole keep her baby if he loves Sydney.

Daniel and Chloe

Chloe arrives home with bags of groceries and flowers and drops them when she sees Daniel emerge wearing nothing but a towel. Daniel begins to help her pick up the groceries, but accidentally drops his towel, further distracting Chloe. She hands him the towel and he covers back up, stating that he was going to hop in the shower. He offers to at least help her, and they begin kissing passionately. Chloe breaks away and insists that they can’t, but promises it won’t be much longer. Daniel admits that he’s about to lose his mind. Chloe answers the phone to Father Matt and assumes that he’s calling about the annulment.

After Chloe gets off the phone, Daniel wonders if everything’s okay. She unenthusiastically reveals that the annulment went through, and it’s final. Daniel puts his arms around her and wonders why she’s so unhappy. Chloe embraces Daniel and assures him that it has nothing to do with him. She swears that she’s never been so sure of anything in her life, but just wishes it didn’t have to be at Lucas’s expense. Daniel refers to her as a compassionate, sensitive person. “I’ve waited my whole life for you,” she expresses. He says there is no more waiting, then kisses her.

Daniel and Chloe take things to the bedroom, where the clothes come off and they begin to make love. “I love you,” he professes. “You make me so happy,” she smiles before they get passionate again.

University Hospital

Nicole and Sydney visit an unconscious Stefano at the hospital. She recounts coming so close to having E.J. forgive her, then Chad comes along and screws everything up. She is sure she can fight Chad, who wants a paternity test. She fears that it’s only a matter of time before people start wondering who the real parents of Sydney are, and E.J. will have his people searching for answers. “They’ll take her away from me, Stefano, and I will go to prison,” she whimpers. She cries how Stefano has taken care of everything before, but he can’t now, and fears that it’s finally all over for her.

Nicole insists that she has to help herself, since Stefano can’t help her. She surmises that Stefano would probably make Chad disappear, but can’t bring herself to do that. She knows she doesn’t have enough money to pay Chad off. Nicole soon gets an idea, suggesting that it might work.

Nicole soon calls Chad, who is on the pier and in no mood to talk. He tells her not to call again, but she insists that it’s about his daughter and encourages him to meet her somewhere. Chad is in no mood for games. She is sure they could work something out, since they both want what’s best for Sydney.
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