A Natural Hair Regrowth Remedy for Men and Women that Works

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The typical hair loss in men and hair thinning in women are a common condition for people of all ages.  While pattern baldness is commonly associated with men who are at midlife or later, the truth is that it affects a large number of women and younger people as well.  Pattern baldness, be it hair loss or hair thinning can be embarrassing and can have a detrimental effect on the self esteem.  If you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, Provillus might be able to help.

While hair loss due to ongoing medical conditions such as cancer cannot be treated, pattern baldness and other typical hair loss and hair thinning can.  To treat hair regrowth both internally and externally, Provillus is formulated in two parts to treat the cause appropriately.  The topical treatment in Provillus contains minoxidil, which is an FDA approved ingredient that is proven to help stimulate hair regrowth.  Hair loss is caused by processes that stop follicles from growing new hair, but these process can be reversed by minoxidil which actively stimulates the follicles.  For hair regrowth that is healthy and thicker, using minoxidil over a period of time can help.  It has been proven time and again to be highly effective when taken continually as directed.  Given the natural ingredients in Provillus, it has a low risk of side effects and has proved to be safe.

Part of what makes Provillus so effective is that it also contains supplements that work to treat hair loss and hair thinning from the inside.  Men and women are different, and so Provillus is formulated with specific minerals and vitamins to treat each genders hair loss or hair thinning appropriately.  The unique formulation of Provillus for men and women with specific ingredients for each ensure healthy and effective hair regrowth for both sexes.  People tend to forget hair is a living part of us and that it needs minerals and vitamins to grow.  The odds on success when treating hair loss or hair thinning both internally and externally are vastly better.

Finding a treatment for hair loss or hair thinning that is both safe and effective is easy once you know what to look for.  Most store products offer little benefit, using peppermint oil and other ingredients to produce a tingling feeling that seems as though the hair loss product is working.  The truth is that your hair is a living part of your body and must be treated fully.  To recover from any condition that cause an imbalance of our hormones we need not only the right medication, but also the right foodstuffs loaded with vitamins and minerals to restore our health and internal balance.

Provillus is a proven treatment for hair loss or hair thinning.  If you are tired of finding hairs strewn about your pillow and sink every morning or are embarrassed upon waking up to an ever-growing bald spot, Provillus may be right for you.  When the Provillus topical solution and supplements are taken regularly as directed, you can begin to see and feel the effects in a matter of weeks.  Although we all want instant results, hair growth is a slow process (typically about half an inch a month), so when using Provillus it is necessary to continue using Provillus as directed, and you will be rewarded with the healthy new hair you were looking for.
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