How to Remove an Item That Has Gone Down the Toilet Into the Pipe

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    • 1). Shut off the water supply to the toilet. The valve is normally located behind the left side of the toilet. Turn the valve to the right to shut off the water. Raise the toilet seat.

    • 2). Grip the auger shaft with one hand and pull the auger handle outward in order to retract the cable fully into the shaft. Carefully insert the auger head into the drain on the bottom of the the bowl, firmly pressing the curved auger end, covered by a protective sleeve, on the drain bottom. Face the auger in whichever direction the toilet drains. Some toilets drain to the front of the bowl, while others drain to the rear. Crank the handle clockwise with one hand while applying downward pressure on the auger. The auger cable will begin to extend, snaking through the toilet drain and past the flange, into the drain pipe.

    • 3). Crank the auger handle quickly when you feel the cable encounter resistance within the pipe; it may have reached the blockage. Stop applying pressure on the auger at this time. Crank the auger handle to either break through the item that was flushed down into the pipe, or possibly bite into the item and allow it to be pulled back out of the bowl with the auger. Check the water level in the bowl to see if it begins to drain lower once you have fully extended the auger cable.

    • 4). Remove the auger slowly as you continue cranking the handle. Cranking the handle as you remove the auger will break up any remaining debris that could once again clog the toilet. Carefully remove the auger cable from the toilet drain and bowl.

    • 5). Dispose of the retrieved item in the bucket if you have also pulled the clogged item out with the auger at this time. If not, and the water level in the bowl has not dropped, carefully place the auger back into the bowl drain and repeat the process until the item has been retrieved back out of the bowl or broken up and pushed down the pipe.

    • 6). Turn on the water supply and flush the toilet. After this first flush, drop two or three sections of toilet paper into the bowl and flush again to ensure that the toilet does not become backed up as material passes through. Wrap the auger in a garbage bag and transport it outside. Rinse the auger clean, using a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle.

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