Organic Lawn Fertilizers

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The Bottom Line

OK, I can't claim that after using this organic lawn fertilizer, I definitely noticed the results in my lawn. But these things take time, and the idea that the folks at GetMicrosolutions have with Get Growing is a good one.

  • As an organic lawn fertilizer, it's safe to use around children.
  • Pet-safe, too.
  • An eco-friendly product.

  • You may need some patience with this organic lawn fertilizer: results may not be perceptible.

  • As of 7/23/09, product no longer available online; email owner at

  • This organic lawn fertilizer is supposed to save water by helping plants use it more efficiently.
  • Get Growing is also supposed to break up compacted soil.
  • According to the maker of this organic lawn fertilizer, it's supposed to eliminate the need to remove grass clippings.

Guide Review - Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Here's how the manufacturer describes the idea behind "Get Growing," their organic lawn fertilizer:

"GET Growing™'s benefical microbes recycle grass clippings and other plant materials, helping your lawn, garden, and flower beds feed themselves."

The manufacturer makes two other interesting claims about their organic lawn fertilizer:
  1. "saves water by helping plants use it more efficiently"
  2. "breaks up compacted soil"
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