How to Shop for a Home AC

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    • 1). Examine your old AC unit. Write down the brand, model number and any other information on the label. You will use this to compare units when talking with contractors.

    • 2). Measure the square footage of your home. Take note of any special air conditioning requirements, such as multiple floors or ductwork issues. The size of your home affects your choices when shopping for AC units.

    • 3). Research air conditioning systems. Be aware of the different types available and price ranges.

    • 4). Get HVAC contractor references from neighbors, friends and family. A reference from someone you know and trust will give you forthright information on the professionalism of the contractor who will install the unit in your home

    • 5). Consult with the HVAC contractor. The contractor will advise you on size of the AC unit, cost and other variables. Contractors often carry a limited number of brands and models. If your research indicates a particular brand, don't be talked into buying something you don't want. Seek out a contractor that installs and services the preferred brand.

    • 6). Compare the features of various models. It can be confusing to compare one model to another between brands. Ask your contractor to explain features of each, model to model

    • 7). Compare prices. Always get more than one estimate for installing a new AC system. Installation costs can vary.

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