How to Sell Jewelry Wholesale

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    • 1). Join a trade association that will provide industry news, contact information for members, information about trade shows and advice. Take full advantage of the services offered, including any certifications that will assist your image of quality and professionalism.

    • 2). Develop a target list of prospective customers. If you won't be receiving a prospecting list from a manufacturer, you'll have to create one yourself from phone books and similar listings, or by prospecting business districts, making note of possible clients.

    • 3). Research your prospects by going to trade shows, networking in your industry and regularly visiting their stores to monitor what they're buying. Ask questions everywhere; store employees can be your best sources of information. Wholesaling is a highly competitive business, particularly if you're an independent jewelry rep, so it's vital that you learn as much as you can about the tastes and requirements of the jewelry buyers you'll be pitching.

    • 4). Introduce yourself by visiting your prospects (cold-walking) with examples of your jewelry lines and attractive brochures. If you can't speak with the jewelry buyer, set up a time when you can come back for a meeting. If cold-walking isn't practical, send out brochures with an introductory note and follow up with a call and a request for a face-to-face meeting. Be persistent but pleasant.

    • 5). Build relationships with your prospects. Ask them what they're looking for and do your best to supply them. Wholesaling is about filtering your presentations so they match the needs of the buyers. The more you can get them to depend on your assistance in finding what they want and advising them on what will be the hot new styles, the more likely they'll be to call you first when they need to buy inventory.

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