How to Replace Beauty Aids with Aloe Gel

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    • 1). Moisturize your skin using aloe. Use a very small amount to moisturize your entire face and body.

    • 2). Style and moisturize your hair using aloe gel. Use it as you would a hair gel for styling. To maximize curl, "scrunch" aloe gel through your hair by working it into hair and squeezing repeatedly with your fists, all over your head.

    • 3). Apply aloe to burns or stretchmarks to eradicate scarring and stretching.

    • 4). Smooth aloe gel onto eyebrows with a finger, or use the brush from one of your cosmetic kits to tame unruly eyebrows.

    • 5). Rub aloe gel into your nails and into cuticle beds before pushing them back. Adding some aloe gel to your cuticles daily can help prevent hangnails and toughness.

    • 6). Attack calluses using aloe. If you have a routine of intense moisturizing and buffing to remove calluses, especially from heels and sides of toes, add aloe gel to it.

    • 7). Shave with aloe gel. It lets your razor glide, whether used alone or added to your favorite product to increase emollience and protection from scratches.

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