How to Start VNC in Linux

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    • 1). Determine if you already have VNC installed into your distribution. Some Linux distributions will come with it installed already. Open Terminal and type in this command:

      $ rpm -qa|grep vnc

      If you receive something similar to "vnc-server-4.xx-xx.x" where Xs are numbers, VNC is already installed. Complete Step 2 if you receive an error.

    • 2). Download VNCserver (see Resources) to your desktop.

    • 3). Type in the following in Terminal:

      rpm -Uvh vnc server-4.0-8.1.rpm

      Your precise file name will likely vary based on which version is downloaded, so change accordingly.

    • 4). Type in the following into Terminal:

      service vncserver start


      [create password]

      [verify password]

      This will begin VNC and you will also establish a secure password.

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