The Advantages Of Clear Braces For Teeth Alignment

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If there's one thing which seems to visually typify the average teenager image it's braces. Which is why the concept of clear braces, or invisible braces, is gathering such interest. Until now, if you wanted your teeth straightening out you were forced to wear very visible braces which seemed to become the dominant feature of your face, and often people ended up having to wear these braces for a number of years. Clear braces are not just changing the face of dentistry, but they're changing the faces of people too.

Of course it wasn't just the fact that metal or wire braces were so very visible that was the problem. Often they were uncomfortable, because the pressure of the metal wires was so great that the metal could actually dig into the soft flesh of the gums, causing blisters, ulcers and sores. As if all that wasn't bad enough, there was also the problem of oral hygiene. Because traditional metal wire braces can't easily be removed, which makes it very difficult to brush teeth properly, and almost impossible to floss. Eating things such as sesame seed buns or peanut butter is absolutely out of the question, and heaven help a couple of brace wearing love struck teenagers who could end up permanently attached like some glorified Chinese puzzle.

So the news that invisible braces, or clear braces, are now a reality is getting a lot of people very excited. It's not just the teenagers who are excited about the possibility of a more discrete, more comfortable and more hygienic alternative to wearing the oral equivalent of scaffolding for most of their formative years. Many adult professionals have considered the benefits of teeth alignment, but have been put off by the fact that the braces they're offered are so clumsy, uncomfortable and highly visible. In many cases it can make talking on the phone less precise, and can be distracting when trying to present a clean cut professional image. Clear braces represent a clear advantage to many.

If you visit an Invisalign dentist in London you'll be able to be assessed and fitted for clear braces, and the process couldn't be easier. A high resolution scan of your mouth is taken and this data is then fed into a computer, where a highly detailed 3D virtual reality model of the inside of your mouth is generated.

The Invisalign dentist can then manipulate each individual tooth in your mouth, aligning them in the ideal position. The computer then generates a series of intermediate stages between your current teeth arrangement and the ideal layout. This series of stages is then represented by a series of moulds, a little like thin gum shields, made from a transparent material. These are the clear braces, and they simply slide over your teeth.

Each brace applies just the right amount of pressure in just the right way to begin nudging your teeth not towards the final arrangement, but towards the next intermediate stage. This takes about two weeks on average. You'll then pop back to see the Invisalign dentist in London and he or she will then replace your braces with the next set. This entire process continues, with each new set of braces being fitted every two weeks or so. Unlike with normal braces the entire process is usually completed in a few months, and all without the pain, discomfort, inconvenience and visual appearance of normal braces.

Being so easy to slide on and slide off, clear braces also offer wearers the opportunity to remove the braces for things such as having a professional photograph taken, eating foods like peanut butter, and brushing or flossing teeth. Overall the advantages are clear to see in every way, which is why clear braces are helping a great many more people to smile with confidence.
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