Tips For New Moms - Dealing With Tiredness - Part I

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For new mothers, tiredness is inevitable and this is especially true for breastfeeding mothers.
However, there are a few things that can be done to help deal with tiredness.
Sleep when Baby Sleeps Perhaps you have already heard this, but because of its importance, it must be mentioned here.
When the baby is asleep during the day, instead of trying to catch-up, on the house chores, or other activities, take a rest.
If you have older children with you during the day, they may not be too happy with what I am about to suggest, and that is, when the baby is sleeping, have them take a nap as well.
However, if this would not work out for you, do some brain storming and see what will work, making sure that you are resting when the baby do.
Use Disposable Pampers If you will be using washable pampers, consider using disposable pampers for at least the first two or three months.
This will keep you from washing everyday.
Put Pampers Around Try putting some pampers into every room of the house.
That is, put the majority of pampers in one area and a few in the dining room, washroom, bedroom, etc.
, this will keep you from going back and fro at changing time.
Keep Baby With You Many parents wrestle with whether, or no to put the baby's crib into their room and this is understandable.
Therefore, as you ponder this question, let me suggest placing the crib in your room, for at least two or three months, especially if you will be or is breastfeeding.
This will help to keep you from going too far during the night and you will be able to comfort the baby quicker.
Reduce and Stretch Out You may have been accustomed to doing twelve tasks by the end of the day.
However, as your body recovers and with the birth of a new child, try stretching out and reducing these task.
For example, plan to do only five things and stretch them out during the day.
That is, if you will be washing many dishes by hand, wash some of it at ten o'clock and at twelve o'clock wash the rest.
Do not try to do everything at one setting, do what you can and leave what you cannot do.
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