Top iPhone Clones Review

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One of the most popular iPhone clones is the CECT i9, which has become a preferred choice for many.
The new iPhone clone supports Java, which means the downloading of third party software that can comfortably allow the availability of new functions.
As a result many of the windows applications, that was missing in previous models, is now available in the i9, featuring MSN, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and many other applications and games.
The i9 is certainly an iPhone clone that is notable for its remarkable memory as it can hold up to 8GB.
In the terms of appearance, it looks similar to newer generation phones having a sleeker, lighter and smaller size.
Also it covers all the adjacent carriers and GSM networks and includes the control feature shake and tilt that was lacking in previous iPhone clone models.
This allows you to change the image within a flick of the wrist, being much more intuitive than having to scroll around.
The i9 is dual SIM active which implies that one does not need to switch back and forth the two to be online.
As a result you can browse the web and talk at the same time, without missing anything.
Also, it has all the regular features, besides web surfing, movies, music, messaging such as a built-in camera, e-book reader, FM radio and Bluetooth as added features.
Speaking about money, i9 costs lesser than the original iPhone, and this makes it one of the top iPhone clones worth paying.
It is priced at U$ 110.
Another iPhone clone worth considering is the Duet D-9, which provides essential communications and multimedia features, satisfying the needs of international business and jet-setting consumers.
It is quad band device and pretty much identical in size to the original iPhone model, with a dedicated music player that features soft buttons.
It also has a dual SIM card that facilitates making calls and sending texts on the same device from two numbers.
The other features include touchscreen, MP3, SMS, MMS, E-Book reader, wifi support, java support, support band 850/900/1800/1900, memory 1G NAND + 516M SDRAM, mobile analog TV, FM radio, basic organizer features, Bluetooth, a 2 mega pixel camera, messaging, speakerphone, music player and basic organizer.
It is priced at US$ 199.
Maybe iPhone clone devices for many consumers are just a passing fad, but the truth is that they enjoy having tech gadgets.
As a result, consumers will be pleased to have dual SIM slots featuring two phone numbers, besides the bonus features such as e-book readers, FM radio with surround sound speakers, mobile TV and etc, for a much better price.
After all there is not much distinction between the original and the iPhone clones, as far as main features are concerned.
One thing is for sure, the availability of iPhone clones floods the market as they surpass the original model, with their lower prices.
So if you are on a tight budget and in need for a device with all the features of an iPhone, there is no reason why you should not buy an iPhone clone.
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