How to Spice Up Your Relationships!

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How to Spice up Your Relationships!

© by Koffi Amouzouvi

Most of the time when two couples are dating, whether they are in a relationship for a brief time period or for a long time, things can get pretty dry a time.

I would even admit, that when I was dating this certain girl back in the days, I was only seeing her for about 5 months, and things started to get boring and dry, it almost feels like, me and her didn't know what to do. We were still in love with each other, but things seemed very, very awkward at times.

So how do you break this moment of awkwardness? And replace it with less awkward moments. I mean it man, if you don't do anything about this, things might get even more and more awkward and inelegant for a lack of a better term.

And your romance between him or her, will even look more unpleasant as time goes by. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you'll never have any awkward moments, all I'm saying is that you should find a way to avoid this awkward moments! Especial if it's actually causing you to grow about from each other!

However one exception to the rule is that if these awkward moments are bring you two closer together, well do what ever works!

However I still think the best ways to solve any of these problems pertaining to a dry and boring relationship is to find a powerful way or several ways to spice up your relationship.

First of all get to know him or her for about a month or two, and when you start dating, do the usual routine that couples always do, go to the movies, take a walk around the park or around the block, or go see a concert/sporting event.

Then to spice things up a little, do something together that is totally out of the ordinary, like go to the zoo or take a cab ride around the city just for fun, the cab driver, might think you're a little crazy, but what the heck, your relationship is more important than what other people think, sometimes this can spark a little laughter between the two of you.

Go order a dessert at a coffee shop like a peace if cake, and you both eat from the same plate. I tried this one time with one of my dates, and it was so funny, we were hitting forks together, couldn't decide who gets the next morsel. I actually remember that day, and that totally spiced up our relationship and above all it was somewhat romantic.

Go to the amusement park. There's nothing better than going back to the time when you're just a kid enjoying life at the amusement park, going on all the rides, screaming, laughing and having fun.

Now, when I took this same girl to the amusement park one day, I found out that, when she laughed and screamed it almost sounded like she was retarded, I guess in a child like manner. But I felt more in love with her after that, and that totally spiced up our relationship for a while…

So you never know, just by doing the unusual can work in spicing up a relationship and falling more in love, however keep it in a reasonable boundary, you don't want to go too crazy!
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