Curacao: Everything You Need To Know About the Wildlife in This Island

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The vital coral reef inhabitant, sponge lives in some underwater caves and helps a lot in the underwater ecosystem of coral reef. 60% of the population of the cavities of chaetopods and tunicates and other sponges live in undersea caves of Curacao. If you want to enjoy the quad tour in Curacao, don't forget to explore the underwater world of coral reef through diving.

Hato Caves: On the north of the island, you can find abundant corridors of these stunning caves. If you love adventure, you will love exploring the depth of these caves that are best kept secret here. You shouldn't miss the tour to these caves because they are full of underground waterfalls and lakes and some of the impressive stalagmites and stalactites.

Christoffel Park: Christoffel Mountain is the highest peak of Curacao and hiking-lovers love to climb here. It gives stunning views from its 1240 feet height. Here you can also enjoy horse riding, jeep tour and quad tours.

Caracas Bay: Located nearby Willemstad, the Caracas Bay Island is full of sightseeing, cycling and tracking activities. You can enjoy the hiking all the way to Peninsula and Mambo Beach. Both among the locals and tourists, this small Caracas beach is hottest favorite for snorkeling.

Rooi Rincon Park: This stunning park houses pre-historic caves and various historic highlights. In these caves, you can find the archeological leftovers of the Caiquetio Indians who were the native inhabitants of the island. Around 4500 years ago, they arrive from Venezuela through canoe. In these leftovers, you will find primitive foods and tools.

The Mangroves: Spreading over 10% of total landscapes of the island, mangrove trees are of 4 types living here. In order to provide shelter to a lot of species, mangroves play a very important ecological part. They are the natural habitat of several reptiles, mammals and fish species. For roosting, breeding and foraging, birds also use them.

Watamula National Park: Located at the north of the island, the national park boasts a lot of biking, hiking and safari activities. The park never gets crowded and it is deserted throughout the week. From the lighthouse, you can explore the unspoiled and picturesque view of the park.

Bird Life in Curacao: In this island over 51 species of birds breed here, excluding 77 North American migrants and 19 Continental species from South America and over 19 seabird species. You can spot a lot of them in your trip if you have a lot of time, a little fortune and better quality binoculars.

Sprawling Landscapes: If you are heading to Curacao, don't forget to visit volcanic, limestone terraces, sediment and coral reefs. These are the landscapes of the island that were developed millions of years ago by volcanic rock.

Boka Patrick: This is a very stunning beach that is located in the southwest. In this beach, you can enjoy the amazing view of rocklike peninsula from the middle over the bay. Here you can have various delightful views like palm tree groves and varieties of beautiful hills, cacti, plains, beaches and water-spewing cave.
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