The Law of Attraction Is Not the Law of Rejection

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The Law of Attraction is all about attracting to you what you want and desire in life.
One of the most common mistakes is acting as if this law has to do with not having rather than having something.
For instance, some people believe having abundance means being out of debt, or having a deep intimate relationship means not being lonely.
When you define what you want based upon what you don't want you are causing conflict within your subconscious mind.
The Law of Attraction Is About Moving Towards Think of the Law of Attraction as moving from one location to the other.
For instance, let's say you're moving from Naples, Florida to Naples, Italy.
You need to accomplish the following for a smooth move:
  1. Select your exact destination, including house.
  2. Decide what you're bringing with you.
  3. Throw away what you don't need.
  4. Set your itinerary for the journey.
  5. Start the journey
  6. Stay focused on your intended destination.
The Problem with Moving Away From If you keep thinking about Naples, Florida while wanting to be in Italy, you will have difficulty being clear about what you need to bring with you.
Thoughts of Naples, Florida interfere with your moving towards Italy by distracting you.
The same is true with The Law of Attraction.
If your goal is to have $1,000,000 in five years, focusing on your current debts or financial situation inhibits your clarity.
You become caught up in the anxiety and fear regarding your financial situation.
Your subconscious mind needs clarity.
When you identify abundance with fear of debt, you are focusing on debt rather than abundance.
This results in your subconscious mind mixing debt in with abundance.
You may make it to abundance, but debt, at least the fear of it, will be a part of your abundance.
Be Clear about What You Want When you set your goal to have that million dollars in the bank, that is what you focus on.
That's your destination.
Now you can look at your current behaviors and decide which ones assist you in getting to your goal.
This is what you'll take with you.
Discard the behaviors and beliefs that do not move you towards your goal.
Set your plan of action.
What will you do to get there? Write out the steps.
Now begin the journey.
Keep your eyes focused on your goal.
Evaluate each belief, thought and action with the question, "Does this move me closer to my goal?" If it doesn't, make adjustments.
Have no attachment to what you're leaving.
Just keep moving forward.
No looking back.
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