Christian Wives - Your Role in Sexual Intimacy

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As a Christian wife, what should be your role in sexual intimacy? Here are some positive roles that Christian wives can play in sexual intimacy.
Make sure you're Christian sex life is active! First, let's address the most obvious.
Let's make sure there is an active sex life to begin with.
Christian couples can either have exciting and thrilling sex lives, or on the other extreme they may have very dull or even non-existent sex lives.
Why should it be your role to turn things around if your relationship is suffering from the latter? Well, why not! It can be very empowering to turn your inactive life of intimacy, into a thriving life of sexual intimacy and closeness.
Take action, turn things around, and experience the type of closeness you both deserve! 2.
Make sure your Christian sex life is safe! Ensure that your intimacy is a sound practice.
If there are any positions or techniques that you or your husband feel discomfort with then try to adjust or make changes.
For instance if your husband is feeling discomfort or doesn't feel safe performing in a particular way then try to find a better way to practice which is safer for him, yet still enjoyable to you.
Make sure you learn new and safe Christian sex techniques! Surprising your husband with new and exciting sexual techniques can be incredibly arousing for him.
But, you must make sure these techniques are safe and sound Christian intimacy practice.
To find out, simply obtain a Christian sex-intimacy guide and research the different ways you, as a Christian wife, can please your husband in a sound manner, not breaking any Christian sex rules.
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