How to Run Cat5 for Security Cameras

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    • 1). Hook the Cat5 cable up to the security camera's power source and then place the cable in a crawlspace or remove a ceiling tile and place it in the opening. Cat5 cable usually comes on a roll or spool to be unrolled easily.

    • 2). Unroll the spool through the attic or crawlspace, stopping in the area where the cameras will be mounted outside. Look for pre-existing holes or openings near the eaves of the building adjacent to where the cameras will be placed. This will prevent you from having to drill holes to run your cable outside.

    • 3). Cut the cable with wire cutters, allowing for enough length to easily pass through the hole to the camera mounting area. An extra foot of cable is good to ensure that you won't cut it too short and that you'll have room to work.

    • 4). Attach the cable to the camera per the manufacturer's instructions, and tuck any excess cable back into the hole for a neat appearance. Turn your security system on to test for proper installation.

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