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Most of us have heard of the Global warming and the risk it poses to the world that w have as of today, whether one believes in Global warming risks or not today we are going to discuss a few tips (that you might already know but have never paid enough attention or it has simply slipped out of the mind) that should help you in at least saving some money!

Tip 1: Reduce sunlight penetrating the home in summer you should use awning and blinds, heavy curtains also help reduce the amount of heat entering the home in summer and also help retain heat in winter.

Tip 2: Make sure to set your air conditioner to 24 degrees Celsius, this is said to be the optimum temperature for energy saving.

Tip 3: If your still suing an electric hot water system turn the thermostat down to 50 or 55 degree Celsius, its most likely on default at over 65 degree Celsius or perhaps higher from a previous owner of the house. This will also prevent scalding particularly if you have young children.

Tip 4: Make use of government incentives and rebates on water tanks, water saving showerheads and dual flush toilets.

Tip 5: Keep your light fittings clean, this will improve light output and help reduce heat buildup extending the lights lifespan.

Tip 6: Make use of any government incentives for energy efficient lighting, or invest in CFL or LED lighting for inside and outside the home. Make use of outdoor lighting that operates via a sensor, this not only is good saving electricity it's also great for security and safety. Lighting generates approximately 5% of your household greenhouse gas emissions.

Tip 7: Use only cold water in your washing machine and only wash full loads.

Tip 8: Install a grey water recycling system, what is does is collects the spent water from the shower, hand basins, washing machine and dishwasher which you can then reuse for water the garden and lawn etc.

Tip 9: Clean your air condition filtration regularly as per manufacturers guidelines.

Tip 10: IF you have a chimney, make sure you close the vent when it's not in use, or use a chimney block as this will prevent hot air entering the home.

Tip 11: Turn of lights when you are finished in the room/ when leaving the room. Easy habit to get started.

Tip 12: Turn off appliances in standby and when you have finished using them. Standby appliances consume approximately 5-10% of your electricity bill.
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