How to Deal With Neck Pain

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Neck pain often results from keeping the head in an awkward position.
For example your head is pushed forward with your ears in front of your shoulders.
Keeping an appropriate posture for a long time will make your neck hurt.
Some people like beauticians work in a bent over position for long periods of time and thus are at more risk of experiencing neck pain.
But no matter what your job or lifestyle, you can rid your self of neck pain.
Exercise can do wonders for nearly anything.
Neck muscles need to stretched and strengthened too.
Doing simple neck exercises fives times twice a day really helps.
Exercise helps to combat stiffness and prevent future neck problems.
Let us take for example the Isometric Exercises.
These are done against resistance but without moving your head.
oFirstly sit erect and relaxed.
Hold your hand up to your forehead.
Now push your forehead into your palm and use your palm to resist.
oThen after the first one do this one.
Put your right hand against the right side your head and push your head against your right hand.
In short as if you were trying to bring your right ear to your right shoulder.
But your hand will have to resist the head's motion.
Repeat this exercise on the left side.
oNow for the third exercise.
Press both of your hands against the back of your head and push your head backwards and use your hands to resist that backwards motion.
oThe last exercise is as follows.
Put your hand against the right side of your face and try to turn your head to look over your shoulder.
With your hand resist the head's turning motion.
Repeat this exercise for the left hand side as well.
When you work on a computer make sure that it is at your eye level.
Many people experience neck pain at the end of the day due to looking down or up when working all day.
So change the height of your chair or make sure that your computer screen is in eye level.
One more thing.
Get rid of your bad habits.
For example putting the phone between your neck and shoulder or sleeping in a chair or shampooing your hair in a sink.
All of these can cause neck strain.
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