How Does a School Administrator Spend a Workday?

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    School Administrators Manage the Big Picture

    • School administrators are hired to run a school, college or university. Their main focus is to ensure that the students in their institutions receive a quality education. From developing the student curriculum, to assuring that school is operating within the budget, a school administrator must be skilled in all areas of educational management. A school administrator may spend time during his day meeting with teachers, disciplining students, reporting to the school committee and doing paperwork. He also has the responsibility of keeping current with educational trends and local, state and federal laws that affect education. Administrators are responsible for interacting with government officials regarding school operations, deciding when to call off classes and approving funding for special programs. With schools facing severe budget cuts, it's not unlikely to find an administrator pitching in around the school, supervising study hall or flipping burgers. An administrators works to keep a good environment for all who work and study in his school. Unlike teachers who have summers off, administrators work year round.

    School Administrators Manage People

    • Most administrators have assistants that they manage, like a vice principal, who oversees the day to day operations of the school. Other people that a school administrator may manage include maintenance personal, guidance counselors, office staff and cafeteria workers. In colleges and universities, administrators can be deans, department chairs or registrars. Administrators may spend time doing performance reviews and interviewing, hiring and firing teachers and school support staff. School administrators are also responsible for managing the behaviors of students. Administrators draft and enforce the schools code of conduct. They have the power to expel a student for inappropriate behavior. Administrators can also be found dealing with parents who feel that their child has issues with a teacher or other student. Administrators also hold meetings with school employees, students and parents throughout the year.

    School Administrators Manage the Paperwork Pile

    • Administrators are responsible for ensuring that student records are up to date. They're the ones who get credit for sending home the dozens of forms and permission slips that parents must complete and return back to school each September. Administrators are responsible for completing any paperwork that is required for the local, state and federal government, including submitting background checks for school employees. Administrators also must be sure that teachers keep up with continuing education requirements and that their teaching licenses are current. They can also be responsible for observing, documenting and assessing student teacher performances.

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