Mail Merge, A Useful Function Of Word For A Mass Mailing

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Do you want to send the same letter with all the same content to a number of recipients with different addresses? If yes, the best solution is to use mail merge, a very useful feature of MS Word. Whether you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or earlier versions you can easily learn and use mail merge feature. This is not only time saving but can also save you from monotonous chore. You may get MS Office support from a PC support service provider in order to perform this task. In this article we have explained how to do a mail merge in Word 2007.

Mail Merge and Its Advantages

If you are new user of MS Office applications, you might not know about mail merge. This is the process of integrating raw data from a mailing list having a standard letter. There are numerous benefits of mail merge. First of all, it will appear professional and friendly. Besides, all the recipients will receive a customized letter. It will include their name, address, date as well as other required information. You dont need to sign each letter individually. Your signature will be embedded on each letters.

Where Could It be Used

You can use Mail merge in various purposes. This is quite useful to create emails, labels, e-faxes, envelopes as well as letters and coupons. Whether you are using Word 2007, 2010 or any earlier version, then too you can easily perform this task.

How to Do

If you are interested and want to give it a try, first you have to create a letter template featuring the requisite content in Word 2007. This letter is termed as 'Main Document'. Then open the main document and click on 'Start Mail Merge' in the 'Mailings' tab and click on 'Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard'. You have to select 'Letter' as the Mail Merge type.

Once you click the next option at the bottom, it will ask for a 'Starting Document'. Select 'Use the current document' and then you have to select recipient names and addresses from a data source. Choose the Use an Existing List' option and open the Excel file having the required data. After performing this task, you have to insert the merge fields into your document. The 'Insert Merge Field' function allows you to insert the address and name fields in the letter. Save the document after inserting the fields. After completing this, click on 'Complete Mail Merge' option.

This is the process of doing a mail merge in Word 2007. Use this feature and save your precious time. For further assistance you can consult an expert.
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