Top 3 Tips on How to Save My Relationship You Can"t Ignore!

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"How to save my relationship?" Unraveling the answer behind that question is a tough nut to crack! Think about it - your relationship where you've invested almost everything you've got is at stake.
I perfectly understand how helpless it can get, especially when you realize that there are very few good advice on how to save my relationship which actually WORKS! A lot get this all wrong.
I don't want you to suffer the same fate.
Let me give you a hand on this very critical aspect of your life by laying down some clear-cut tips - practical and logical tips on how to save my relationship.
BUT if you want to see your relationship rebuilt, promise me one thing - you WILL apply the tips on this page.
Pretty clear, huh? Let's get started.
How To Save My Relationship - Practical Tip 1 Get rid of all the confusion...
all of them.
It's almost human nature and instinct for one to panic under the pressure of an impending break up and more so when it happens BUT here's what, doing so will only make things worse as most of the steps you'll come up with are due to your emotional impulse.
Think about this, your computer or any broken piece of hardware needs a clear-headed person to get it fixed.
The same thing can be said with the relationship you're trying to piece together.
How To Save My Relationship - Practical Tip 2 Drop what you've seen in the chick flicks or movies! E-mailing them or calling them 1000 times a day, stalking them or even threatening suicide will ruin your chances faster than you can ask: "How to save my relationship?" It will make your ex feel threatened and when they do, their goes your prospect of making up together out of the window.
How To Save My Relationship - Practical Tip 3 Unload everything - the pain, the anguish, guilt, resentment, etc.
And a good way to do so is to cry.
It doesn't matter how many hankies you use, cry it out until you feel unburdened.
By the way, it's not a sign of weakness as most would tell you.
Put it this way instead, you're crying to get rid of the negativity and make room for the good and pleasant feelings to thrive in.
That has been proven even by science.
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