How to Build Chess Board Pieces

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    • 1). Decide what kind of chess pieces you want to make (traditional, figurine, abstract, etc.) Find a source image to refer to while modeling your pieces.

    • 2). Cover a table with wax paper to protect it. Begin with one type, such as pawns, to begin modeling out of the oven bake clay. Refer to your source image for guidance. For example, if you are building fantasy chess pieces, perhaps the pawns are small goblin creatures and the knights are unicorns.

    • 3). Shape and detail the pieces with the toothpicks and craft sticks. Mist the clay with the spray bottle if it begins to become hard to work with.

    • 4). Build 16 pawns, 4 rooks, 4 bishops, 4 knights, 2 kings and 2 queens out of clay. Place moist, finished pieces on a flat cookie sheet evenly spaced out.

    • 5). Preheat oven to the specifications listed on the package of clay. Bake the pieces for the amount of time listed on package.

    • 6). Allow to cool for a few hours. Paint the pieces to your liking using the paints and paintbrushes.

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