Ideas for Safe & Sober Prom Promotions

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    • While the ethics of bribing someone to do what you want can be questionable, it can be an effective method when done properly. Instead of handing cash or other questionable incentives to students, school administrators could encourage them to participate in contests conducive to staying safe and sober before, during and after the prom. Contest ideas include t-shirt designs, creating a theme or slogan for the prom, or completing community service projects aimed at raising alcohol awareness.

    Make A Pledge

    • For most teenagers, being treated like an adult is a huge ego boost. As adults often overlook teenagers' input and refuse to let them make decisions for themselves, having the opportunity to demonstrate their level of maturity and be trusted to make the right decision in questionable situations can benefit a teenager's self-esteem. Organizations such as MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, encourage schools to give their students this opportunity. Through the organization's "PROMise to Keep It Safe" program, MADD encourages school students pledge that they will not drink and drive while enjoying their prom activities.

    School-Sponsored Activities

    • Students plan after parties for their proms because the events typically end early in the evening, and as young people getting their first taste of freedom, they will want to spend the night with their friends, relishing the evening as much and as long as possible. School administrators can take advantage of this by offering after parties or group events at off-campus locations such as hotel ballrooms, restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters, or even professional sports stadiums.


    • Safe and sober prom promotions may not be a well-received notion for prom-planning teens. They may want to focus more on the event than the safety. Because of this, it is critical for parents, school faculty and community organizations to work together to make the evening as safe as possible. Whether this involves school-sponsored activities, student pledges or t-shirt design contests, parents and school faculty should aim to involve the students in the process at every turn.

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