Psychic Astral Projection

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Astral projection, otherwise known as an out of body experience, is a psychic phenomenon that all humans can learn to achieve.
Many people cite dreams as an example of it as an innate ability.
Dreams, they say, are the most basic and simple form of out of body experience.
Some people consider that dreams are a way of connecting with the psychic plane.
Unfortunately it is often the case in dreams that you are not, or don't seem to be, in control of your actions.
They are often perceived almost like a movie, all be it a very immersive one.
Consider what it would be like if you could have conscious control over your actions in your dreams and be able to make conscious decisions while dreaming.
The astral plane is believed by many people to be a real place that can be experienced by humans from the physical world and that an out of body experience is some evidence of this.
It is considered to be a parallel world.
In this parallel world human souls can break free of the physical body.
Everybody has access to this plane of existence, but not everybody is aware of it.
Sometimes our dreams and night experiences give us unconscious access to it in a limited way.
It is learning astral projection that can allow individuals to really discover this other realm.
It takes a lot of time and dedication to learn how to engage fully with this amazing skill.
It is important to know that astral projection can be achieved by anybody.
As noted above, it may be that you have already done it, just in an unconscious way.
In order to achieve astral projection in a conscious way you need to enter a state of meditation.
You need to be able to get into a state of mind where only positive thoughts are flowing and you have a full belief in your ability to have a conscious experience.
To enable you to get into the correct state of mind you will need to focus on your breathing and your posture and be in a position that is really comfortable and relaxing for you.
Most important of all you need to find a place and time so that you will not be interrupted as this will break your concentration.
Using the meditative method and focusing on moving out of your physical body it is possible.
You will have a sense of movement as you move apart from your physical body.
This sensation of movement is your inner self separating from your physical self.
If you fully enter the form you will be able to move around, literally out of your body.
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