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ood ways to earn Japanese at home.
The preferred learning style may differ from person to person and it's generally a good idea to test different techniques to find the most efficient learning path for oneself.
The classic: text books The number of text books for Japanese language learners is huge.
Sometimes it's difficult to choose the right one, especially for new language learners.
Here is one tip to take into consideration when looking for a good text book.
In the very beginning, it's easier to have text books in Romaji, the alphabet we are used to.
However, it will pay off later if the student learns the Japanese phonetic syllabaries hiragana and katakana as soon as possible.
They are easy to master and will greatly boost the learning speed.
The effective way: audio lessons This certainly is the most effective way to learn Japanese at home for at least three reasons.
  1. Audio lessonsnaturally focus on conversations.
    This enables the beginner to quicklyjoin simple conversations and have a great sense of achievement.
  2. The studentwill learn the correct pronunciation right from the start.
    A text book just can'tdo that.
  3. It's justconvenient and easier to keep up the motivation.
    Put the audio file onyour MP3 player and listen to it in the gym, in the train, on the way towork.
    It's easier than carrying around a couple of text books.
In the end, the best way is to mix different learning styles.
Combine audio lessons and text books and also try to find Japanese friends to bring what you've learned to life.
It's great fun to learn Japanese at home -- if you do it the right way.
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