How to Date a Canon FD Lens

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    • 1). Look on the back of the Canon FD lens where the lens would be mounted to the camera and find a six-digit serial number. The number will be written as a single letter, four numbers and then one final letter.

    • 2). Examine the first letter in the serial number, which designates the year of manufacture. The letter "L" stands for 1971, and the years continue sequentially through the alphabet (e.g. "M" is 1972, "N" is 1973 and so on). The alphabet starts back over again in 1986, when "A" designates lenses manufactured in this year.

    • 3). Look at the following two numbers, which designate the month of manufacture. The two numbers will match the number of the month with, for example, "03" representing March and "11" representing November. If your serial number is only five digits long, it is possible that a "0" is omitted in this month code.

    • 4). The next two numbers, if present, are internal Canon codes that do not correspond with the date of manufacture.

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