The Best Way to Mail a CPU Processor

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    • Place a small static bag on top of the CPU processor and wrap the bundle in thin bubble wrap. Use shipping tape to seal the bundle close. Place the sealed bundle in a small box, and fill the box with peanuts or shredded paper. If the box contains any type of writing on the outside of it, cover the box with brown or white craft paper. You can also scratch out the writing with a black marker, but wrapping the small box with craft paper looks better. Place your address on the upper left-hand corner and the recipient's address in the lower right-hand corner.

      You can write "fragile" on the box or some other type of warning, but this is no guarantee that the shipping service you are using will handle the package with care.


    • Once you select a shipping service to mail the CPU processor, purchase insurance for the processor based on the value of the item. Also, get a delivery confirmation for the item so you will know when the recipient receives the CPU processor. If the recipient needs the processor in a day or two, ship the item through an express services; the price for shipping will be higher though.


    • Email or call the recipient after you receive confirmation that the item has arrived. Ask the recipient if the item arrived OK and if it is in working condition. If there is a problem with the CPU processor due to shipping, an insurance claim needs to be filed.

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