How to Get Shiny Pokemon Without Cheating

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    • 1). Stock up on useful items at the closest pokemon store. Purchase as many pokeballs, potions and ethers as you can afford. Players of the Generation III games (FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald) should also purchase White Flute items.

    • 2). Travel to any nearby Pokemon patch. Pokemon are found in tall grass, rocky terrain and desert areas. Generation III players should use their White Flutes as they reach these areas in order to attract even more Pokemon.

    • 3). Run away from all non-shiny Pokemon which appear. Shiny Pokemon have a very small chance of appearing naturally. According to, the odds are only 1 in every 8,192 encounters. This means time and energy fought battling non-shiny Pokemon will quickly run down your own creatures.

    • 4). Battle all shiny Pokemon you encounter. Use your regular attacks to reduce the shiny Pokemon to half or better health for the best chance of catching it. Don't forget to use your ethers and potions if the shiny Pokemon begins to defeat your creatures.

    • 5). Use a pokeball to capture the weakened Pokemon. You can use the shiny Pokemon as a regular battler and team member once it has joined your collection. It retains its unique coloration and is a visible reminder of your dedication as a Pokemon player.

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